Since the beginning of the project, as more than 20 local and national NGOs, we stated that the construction will result in ecological destruction for green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and acted upon by presenting reports to the government and sending open letters to Chinese banks that are financing the project.

Over 100 thousand people supported our pledge with their signatures. According to the public data available, Sugözü Beach, an important nesting area for green turtles at the Mediterranean coast of Turkey , is also under protection according to Circular No. 2009/10 issued by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. Sea turtles that have been living for millions of years cannot be protected by disregarding international agreements and scientific approach. 

WWF’s latest Living Planet Report, one of the important scientific studies on a global scale, states that “biodiversity, which forms the basis of human life on our planet, has been destroyed at an unprecedented rate by human hands.” Considering this pressure, any knowledge on such species is expected to be used to protect them, while China’s investment goes against both its promise to the world to combat climate change and its conservation efforts to date.

Sea turtles can only survive at suitable dune and sea temperatures that result from natural ecological cycles. WWF’s Climate Change Impacts on the Mediterranean Report draws attention to the fact that the Mediterranean is becoming the fastest warming and saltiest sea on our planet. The thermal power plant, which is being built in one of the important nesting areas of the green sea turtle, whose habitat is under serious pressure, further increases this pressure.

As the institutions mentioned below, we call to the leaders who came together at COP15;

  1. to stop the imported coal-fired thermal power plant in Hunutlu, which is in violation of Articles 8d, 8k, 14c of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, to which China is also a party, and Articles 6 and 8 of the Bern Convention,
  2. to act in order to protect the green sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas), which is in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) RED List, in compliance with international conventions.

The call is signed by 16 local and national organizations :

  • Adana Medical Chamber 
  • Adana Chamber of Agricultural Engineers 
  • Antakya Nature Protection Association
  • Climate Action Network Europe
  • Nature and Consumer Protection Association, Adana
  • Nature Association
  • East Mediterranean Environment Platform
  • Ekosfer
  • Erzin Environmental and Historical Assets Protection Association
  • İskenderun Environmental Protection Association
  • Mersin Environment and Nature Association 
  • Samandağ Nature Protection and Tourism Association 
  • Tarsus Nature Protection Culture and Art Center
  • Yuva Foundation
  • WWF-Turkey (World Wide Fund for Nature)